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F & I Supervision Services
F & I Supervision Services

Having worked closely with the motor industry for many years, we are well respected for our knowledge and expertise in the supervision and management of Finance and Insurance personnel. Moreover, we have been giving guidance on various aspects of regulation, both in the classroom and on the dealer floor.


Our mission is to provide motor industry F & I supervision services to representatives that work as finance and insurance managers in the motor sector so that each is capable of rendering a professional advice-giving and intermediary service for which they can be proud.

As part of our mentoring process and F & I supervision services we;


  • Review and assess the learning activities and progress of the representative, including recording observations and aspects requiring further development;
  • Immediately deal with any unfair treatment of a client as a result of the representative’s actions or where the representative’s actions may not have been in the best interest of the client;
  • Record and document the method, frequency and level of intensity of supervision and any changes that may be required;
  • Maintain separate supervision files for each supervisee as a portfolio of evidence relating to the entire supervision programme, complying to –
    • the development and training undertaken;
    • the supervision activities;
    • ongoing assessments;
    • proof of enrolment in qualifications; and
    • any decisions we take to implement a reduced level of supervision.
F & I Supervision Services

Our supervision activities include: 

  • Making random telephone calls to clients to clarify the advice-giving process, product satisfaction and client understanding of the offerings;
  • Product Q & A and refinement with the F & I
  • Monitor and Mentor timeframe requirements in respect of qualifications and regulatory examinations;
  • Monitoring and responding to the Records of Advise
  • Monitoring the Representative’s product knowledge through Q & A sessions and Questionnaires;
  • Scenario Analysis construction and testing
  • Monitoring significant interruptions to the supervision process

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